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Marketplace Selling step by step

Posted by Margret Chimbumu on 04/09/2019
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Selling step by step

Selling an item is easy and free!

1) List an item

Upload beautiful photos of your item ( do this by clicking add property)

Add a title and a detailed description of your item and its condition

Select a category to increase the chances of your item being found by potential buyers

Activate Buy Now if you would like to sell at a fixed price

Set a realistic price

Please add any information about payment and shipping methods as well as other relevant info about the item to the description (e.g. size/dimensions). We also recommend taking advantage of the five free photo slots in order to show your item from all angles.

If you have more than one of the same item for sale, it’s advisable to create a separate listing with an individual photo for each and to mention in the description that these are separate items.

2) Answer questions & offers of potential buyers

Answer any public questions that may arise

Use the “counteroffer” button if you want to negotiate the price or want to answer a question in a private offer

Please keep in mind that payment and shipping methods should be discussed and agreed on before accepting a deal because they may influence the price (shipping costs, payment provider fees).

3) It’s sold!

After both of you have confirmed the deal:

In case you will meet: exchange the item for money at the same time

Share sensitive data like shipping address and payment info in the private chat

Pack your item properly

Ship the item with the method the buyer has paid for

General safety tips

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