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Avoiding Scammers

Our guide to spotting phishing scams and keeping your information safe.

Technology now plays a big part in all of our lives. Most of the time it’s a positive, but occasionally fraudsters use it to try to scam others through a method known as ‘phishing’.

What’s phishing?

Phishing is when somebody emails, texts or calls another person pretending to be a reputable company. In reality, they’re a scammer and they’re trying to steal personal details. They’re often after passwords, banking information, or personal identification.

How can I protect myself?

  • Protect your computer with the latest version of your web browser and use an anti-virus program.
  • Never let your email address or passwords be publicly visible on any website.
  • Always check contact numbers and websites independently.
  • Hang up on suspicious callers.
  • Don’t open suspicious links or websites.
  • Don’t respond to suspicious texts or emails. You can forward texts to your network provider using 7726, or just delete them.
  • If you’re suspicious of a business that’s been in touch, contact them directly to check it was them.
  • Don’t pay anything if you’re told you’ve won a prize or competition.
  • Look for spelling and grammar mistakes in emails, texts and on websites.
  • Look for inaccurate brand names or company logos.
  • Check the internet for information on the latest scams. There are often online warnings, and police websites carry up-to-date information.
  • Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t ‘feel right’, it probably isn’t.
  • If you have doubts but aren’t sure, check your suspicions with friends and family.
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  • No duplicates, please
    Don’t create more than one ad for the same item, or create multiple accounts.
  • Don’t leave it live
    Once your ad has done its job, delete it. If you don’t, other users might still contact you about it, which is a nuisance for them and you.
  • Get the category right
    Our categories work hard to connect the right ad with the right tenant. You’ll get better results when your ad appears in the right place.
  •  Follow the ad template
    Keep website links and contact details in the designated place and out of your ad title, description and photos.

Writing a great ad 

  • Be clear. Write a clear and honest description of your vacancy to attract the right people. Say if your property isn’t available yet, and when it will be.
  • Use plain English and keep it clean. You’re welcome to add a translation in another language at the end of your description.
Category: Salon2rent

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